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Just one bean is enough to ruin a coffee. Manuel Caffè is well aware of this and has chosen to invest in a new technological plant that increases its annual production capacity by more than 50%. In this way it can guarantee constant total quality control at every stage of production, energy savings, respect for the environment and above all careful selection of each batch. Before roasting the green coffee is subject to scrupulous magnetic and mechanical purification and any dust or volatile residues are removed by suction.


Now the beans are ready to be browned by roasting. Manuel Caffè does this before blending; roasting recipes perfected and diversified specifically for each kind of coffee will mean that each variant expresses its own top qualities. Convection roasting ensures that the bean never comes into direct contact with the heat and therefore enjoys even, harmonious roasting to bring out its best organoleptic qualities. Subsequent air cooling enhances the fragrance hidden in the heart of every tiny bean.


No single kind of coffee will ever make the perfect espresso: a cup with harmonious taste, rich aroma and full body. A good Italian espresso is a blend of 7-13 different beans. This is why Manuel Caffè pays so much attention to this stage of operations. After slow maturation in silos at a controlled temperature, allowing the aromatic base of the coffee to deepen and ensuring taste persistence, the beans are packed in an inert nitrogen atmosphere. The aroma of the blends will remain intact for up to a year from production.